About Coral

At Coral, we envision a world where learning is personalized, engaging, and impactful. Our mission is to revolutionize education through making evidence-based tools for learning and retention affordable and accessible.

From standardized test preparation to district-level educational solutions, we strive to break down barriers to knowledge, helping students of all backgrounds succeed on their educational journey.

Coral is a content platform built by the team at Etch, a spaced repetition learning platform that makes learning loss a choice rather than an inevitability.

Core Value

It doesn't make sense to pay for tools that don't get the job done

We think it's wrong to pay for tools that don't work. That's why we stand behind our platform with The Coral Guarantee, which offers refunds when academic goals aren't met (does not apply to promotional pricing found on the Kickstarter).

Secure access to Coral for even less

To help fund development of high quality materials, Coral is hosting a Kickstarter for access to materials through the end of 2025. Get access to Coral for cheaper through the Kickstarter.

What drives us

The values that shape everything we do


Quality should be accessible

We believe that education is not and industry where it is acceptable to withhold quality on the basis of ability to pay. Through Coral, we aim to offer resources of the highest quality at an absurdly affordable price point.


Paying for tools that don't work doesn't make sense

We aren't building tools to make a quick sale, we're building tools to drive tangible results. We back this up with the Coral Guarantee.


Learning should be optimized for long-term growth

Assignments and assessments should be built to help foster lifelong learning, but learning is too often built just to pass a test. Coral learning products aim beyond the exam, with the goal of making our learners experts


Personalized education is scalable

We believe that individualized learning can be effectively delivered to a multitude of learners simultaneously. We use AI to break boundaries and offer personalized education on a large scale.