Backing up words with actions

Paying for tools that don't work doesn't make sense.

We are so confident that Coral will help you reach your goals that if you don't, we'll give you a full refund or let you continue your prep for free.

This applies to individual learners and institutional partners.

for Individual subscribers

How does the Coral Guarantee work for individuals?

1.Sign-up for a paid Coral account. Select a study goal and estimated test date.
2. Begin progressing through content, practice tests, and QBanks. This typically takes 6 months-2 years, and is best done while initially learning the material in school.
3. After completing practice tests, a portion of the QBank, and the requisite content, your platform will indicate if you are ready to take the exam.
4. You take the official test after Coral indicates that you are ready.
5. Within 60 days of your test date, log into your Coral account and contact us via the Support tab or chat to provide us with your official test score report.

In the unlikely event that you have not received an adequate score, you will be refunded or given an additional year for free.

For institutional subscribers

How does the Coral Guarantee work for institutions?

1. Students select their estimated test dates.
2. Students begin progressing through the content, practice tests, and QBanks. This requires at least one full academic year.
3. In the unlikely event that a student finishes the academic year without reaching academic benchmarks, Coral will issue a refund equivalent to the amount of the course paid for on behalf of that student.

At Coral, we understand that effective EdTech outcomes aren't just about selling a new platform to administrators. It's essential to get buy-in from teachers and students as well.

The Coral Guarantee aligns our incentives with all educational stakeholders by only charging when students are successful. Our company can only experience success if students, teachers, and administrators buy in and experience success.

minimums for success

What are Coral's academic minimums for success?

We believe that Coral is the right platform for helping anybody score higher on their coursework and standardized exams. The Coral Guarantee applies to reaching certain minimums on standardized tests.

For AP Exams: Scoring at least a 3, a qualifying score
For the ACT: Scoring at least a 22 on all subjects on the ACT
For the MCAT: Scoring at least a 512 on the MCAT
For the NCLEX: Passing on your next attempt

A Core value

Paying for tools that don't work doesn't make sense

In an era where education is increasingly digital, it's crucial to invest in tools that truly enhance learning outcomes. Paying for ineffective tools is not just a drain on resources; it's unnecessary bloat on the education system. It diverts funds and focus away from what truly matters - providing high-quality, personalized education for every learner. At Coral, we believe in the power of smart, adaptive learning tools that deliver real results.

We back up our words with actions so that you can back up your spending with results.