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Personalized, no stress studying for the ACT, SAT, and APs

Coral provides affordable, high-quality learning materials built on a platform that enables long term retention.

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Video courses that won't put you to sleep

Get bitesize instructional videos from instructors who have coached thousands of students to ACT and AP success delivered at the moment you need them.

Content review that goes beyond memorization

All concepts, video tutorials, homework questions, and qbank questions are integrated with the learning retention infrastructure provided by Etch at no extra cost.

AI Tutor

Your Coral Tutor is trained on vetted content and your results. It doesn't take long for it to learn how to best guide you to mastering tricky concepts!

Progress reports

Always know exactly how prepared you are with Coral's advanced progress tracking and reporting systems.

acE your exams

Save money. Save time. Test confidently.

Coral delivers high quality content on a schedule optimized for your learning pace and exam dates.

With Coral's Etch integration, you'll know exactly when your knowledge base is ready to take on the test.

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Guaranteed to hit your score target
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No need to pay expensive fees
for review courses and extra tutoring
AP Courses offered
Improve your grades

Show up to class excited for the first time.

Always feeling behind in school can be demoralizing. Coral makes it easy to come to class prepared to take advantage of time with your teacher. Coral's personalized content delivery schedule means that you'll be learning and reviewing content at the best time for you, boosting your confidence continuously.


Transparent pricing from the start

Coral offers transparent, up-front pricing because we know we provide unmatched value.

One subject

Includes access to associated textbooks, instructional videos, and question banks

30+ subjects / student / year

Coral works best when you use it for all your courses. Includes access to all standardized practice tests, question banks, and Etch. Students studying for the ACT should pick this option.

We've partnered with generous donors to offer impactful education for free to qualifying institutions

At Coral, we're committed tomaking sure the best learning strategies are available to all learners, regardless of background. Learn more here.

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